A teenager from Tampa sleeps with a pet tiger.


17-year-old Felicia Frisco has taken care of her 100-lb Bengal tiger “Will” since the day he was born! Though Will weighs more than a full-grown Rottweiler and is one of the most lethal killers on the planet, he sleeps with Felicia in her bed every single night. The reason Felicia is allowed such an exotic and dangerous pet is because her family has raised and trained wild animals for generations. 

Her parents run a program called “Tiger Encounter,” into which Felicia’s pet will be entered after his first birthday. He will then be used to educate the public about the plight of tigers in the wild. Until that time, Felicia Frisco gets to cuddle with one of the scariest stuffed animals you’ll ever see! 

Check out the ABC article for the whole story and make sure to watch the video too!


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