A 19-year-old American girl eats five bars of soap per week.

Tempestt Henderson of Florida has an extremely rare medical condition called pica. This disorder gives her an appetite for substances which have little to no nutritional value! Others with the condition have been known to consume items such as coins, chalk, batteries, and toothbrushes. Tempestt says, “In the shower, I like to lather up a green bar of soap, and lick the bubbles. And as the soap disintegrates, I pop a tiny amount of the soap into my mouth and suck it. It’s heavenly!” 

She has recently been receiving help in the form of behavioral therapy. Doctors have also encouraged her to go for long walks, making sure to avoid locations where soap is present, such as laundromats and bathrooms! 

Despite the fact that this is an unhealthy habit that she’s seeking help to overcome, she still agreed to do a photo shoot featuring her eating soap and laundry detergent. You can see some more pictures of this (if you’re into that kind of thing) and read more about her here.


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