The world’s largest breast implants are size 38KKK.

Sheyla Hershey is a 28-year-old Brazilian model who lives in Houston. Sheyla has had over 18 separate plastic surgeries, but her major claim to fame took place last year when she upgraded her cup size to KKK! (a rather unfortunate size name). 

Before the procedure, Hershey’s breasts were only 34FFF (that’s a full gallon of silicone!) last May, so she decided to go under the knife once more because, well…that’s what she does. Unfortunately for her, Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person can put in their body (too much of it CAN kill you), so what did Sheyla do? Why, she returned home to Brazil to have the surgery done there, of course! 

As it turns out, the Texas law was enacted for a reason. After ballooning her bosom, Sheyla suffered severe staph and strep infections for months. This led to the removal of all FOUR of her implants, and nearly led to a mastectomy! 

Sheyla is not phased, however – she plans to allow her body to heal for about three months, and then she expects to risk her life once more by having the KKK implants replaced. Her reasoning? “You have to stay two years to keep a world record. I only stayed three months because of my infection.” 

You can also check out her website for updates on her career and surgeries. 



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