The Na’vi language spoken in the movie Avatar was invented by a college professor.

Paul Frommer, a linguistics professor at the University of Southern California, was approached by director James Cameron with a unique task – to create a unique language to be spoken by the alien Na’vi people in Cameron’s groundbreaking film, Avatar. Frommer was given a 30-word base to work with, which he has developed into an extensive lexicon of over 1,000 words! Of course, the language had to be speakable by the actors in the movie, so Frommer was limited to sounds that the human mouth is able to produce. He chose to omit “b,” “g,” “j,” and “sh” sounds and included a series of glottal stops and tongue clicks similar to the South African Xhosa language. The end result does well to fit Cameron’s original requirements of “strange and alien, but smooth and appealing.” 
(Source: 12)


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