A man survived three hanging attempts.


Joseph Samuel was an Englishman who was deported to Australia in 1801 after committing a robbery. Samuel continued his immoral ways down under, joining a local gang and subsequently burglarizing a rich woman’s home. A policeman guarding the home was murdered in the process, and Samuel was sentenced to death by hanging though he denied committing the murder.

In 1803, he was to be hung with another criminal, but the rope snapped! The executioner tried to repeat the process, but this time the rope slipped and Samuel’s feet touched the ground. A third attempt at hanging Joseph resulted in yet another snapped rope! The governor concluded that the failed hangings were a sign from God, so Joseph Samuel was instead sentenced to life in prison.

Check out this list of amazing execution survivals. Several people have survived hangings, some of whom woke up during their own autopsies afterwards! One man escaped from a firing squad after being shot 9 times!


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