You can EAT GOLD!

Since the 16th century, Europeans have included gold leaf in special varieties of liquor such as Goldschläger from Switzerland and Danziger Goldwasser from Poland. Many Asian countries also enjoy it in such food and drink as jelly snacks, coffee, and tea. You can also have it on sushi, on chicken, on a bagel with truffle cream cheese, or in champagne. 

The science behind it: Gold is considered non-toxic in its metallic form. This is because it is resists reacting to any chemical process in our bodies. However, this also means that gold has no flavor or nutritional value, and it passes through your body unaltered. (It’s the same going out as it is coming in!) 

A warning: while in its metallic form it is non-toxic, gold salts such as gold chloride are toxic to human livers and kidneys. Also, some people are allergic to gold. 
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